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Alex Lopez – Valley High School Masonry

“The MITA Program is the key to my success in life and career. The MITA Program gave me the oppertunity to start a career in the Masonry trade and Concrete trade. Coming out of Prison I had no experience in the trade. I had no career. I only had the will to work. Threw The MITA Program I did not have to be concerned about discrimination due to my criminal record. The MITA Program is a great tool for individuals like myself. The MITA Program and Contracters provide a safe working environment, moreover the opportunity to start a career. I am grateful to the MITA Program, The Contracters, and all other supporters.”
Jose Gutierrez, Graduated Apprentice


“The Masonry Industry Training Association (MITA) has had a strong presence in San Diego County starting early in the 1990’s. Mesa Junior College first hosted the MITA class on their Kemper Street satellite campus. The students of that night class had to use flood lights to see what they were doing in primitive conditions. The college provided an open area for the materials and equipment but no electricity for cement mixers or lights!! It was a great challenge to that first instructor as he tried to make his class valuable for his students. And he did! This class has been successfully training students every year since then!! There have been hundreds of men and even a few fearless women attend these classes which started at Mesa; then moved to RCP Block’s Santee plant; then on to Santana High School in Santee; next El Capitan High School in Lakeside; and now back in Santee at West Hills High School. Our current instructor, Dave Ratynski, has been teaching this class for the last 5 years and has had many of his apprentices place as winners in the annual Masonry Skills Challenge. RCP Block & Brick has been proud to be a part of the success of this class over these many years. And we will continue to support the goals of MITA to educate the future generations of bricklayers for our industry.”
Gina Adams, RCP Block & Brick