SkillsUSA and Rubidoux Youth! – MITA April 2016 Newsletter

SkillsUSA and Rubidoux Youth! – MITA April 2016 Newsletter


SkillsUSA Masonry CompetitorsGot skills? SkillsUSA California 49th Annual State Competition? Yes! That’s where high school masonry students competed to be the best in state. RCP Block & Brick, McNear Brick, and EZ Mix supplied and delivered all materials for the challenge. It was a beastly 2-day project to build. These competitors got it done with 100% completion and 100% correct design. The winner is from Warren High School in Downey Unified School District. Congratulations! Thanks to MITA Apprentices volunteered their help.


Rubidoux Youth in RiversideWhat’s your ‘before’ and ‘after’ look like? Rubidoux Youth and California Family Life Center is providing masonry pre-apprenticeship learning. You never ‘before’ touched a brick? a block? a trowel? not even a level? Well, your ‘after’ is looking good! And in just two weeks. Thank you MITA members, this pathway to a career is essential to the future of our craft.


Victoria Club Golf Course Sky View

What’s the best Monday of the year? September 19th! Save the date – you’ll be playing a round at the premiere private Victoria Country Club. It’s all yours, all day, with MITA. Yes! MITA’s Annual Golf Tournament IS the best Monday of the year. Sponsorship is like a precious element: gold, silver, or bronze. Pick yours! Golf Committee Chair Lindsay Barto (909) 350-0244.

Public Works and DIR Newsline?

Beginning May 1, public works contractors who are registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) for the current fiscal year (ending June 30, 2016) may renew their registrations for the next fiscal year (starting July 1, 2016) using DIR’s online public works contractor registration system. Read more DIR Newsline.


MITA gets younger masons started, men and women, who want to be a part of our industry, and work for YOU! Contractors, suppliers, employers, sponsors can actually hire candidates with a proven interest and the right attitude #1. You DO make the difference with MITA, and we truly appreciate your participation. When you join MITA, you uphold our industry for the future. Thank you!