One of the first apprentices answers, Why join MITA?

One of the first apprentices answers, Why join MITA?

ray-zamudio-bioMy name is Ray Zamudio and I am one of first Graduates from the program MITA .

I am going to talk a little bit about how change my life enrolling in to the bricklayer apprentice program course; before I graduate from the MITA program I was working as a Tender for Modern Masonry for years until I decide to make the next step becoming a Journeyman Bricklayer, that’s when my life started changing for example I start making more money and the same time I was enjoying laying block, brick and stone.

After a few years working as a mason, the owner of the company Terry Waddington stop at the jobsite and ask me if I want to take a different position in the company, as a General Superintendent, and it was a big surprise for me and I said to Terry “I am going to try”. To me it was a big challenge but at the same time I did see the trust that He was putting on me; and that, was the most important decision I made. Now I can say “I made the right choice enrolling into the MITA program.

I encourage more people to enroll in to this program MITA and be more productive and have a better future in their lives.

Ray Zamudio
January 7, 2014